Our Approach

Why work with an ICS coach
There are more than 60,000 coaches worldwide, and the number is increasing every day.
This makes it difficult to choose the right coach for your personal or organizational needs.
What sets ICS coaches apart?

  1. Ethical Coaching: Coaching conducted with the highest level of ethical standards and
    integrity. ICS coaches are certified and meet all industry requirements.
  2. Evidence-based Coaching: Coaching methodologies and strategies that combine
    research, theory, and practice.
  3. Action and results-driven Coaching: Coaching with a primary focus on achieving
    positive outcomes.
  4. Compassion-focused Coaching: Coaching that helps individuals, groups, and
    organizations become more aware of and skillful in engaging with difficulties,
    distress, and suffering and in finding ways to alleviate difficulties and promote
  5. Person-to-Person Coaching: Coaching administered without the assistance of
    artificial intelligence. This is combined with valid psychometrics to deepen selfknowledge.
  6. Goal-centered coaching consists of two components: (1) Goal setting, which includes
    proximal and distal goals. Proximal goals provide benchmarks to evaluate progress
    toward the distal goal so that clients can develop more effective task strategies when
    their progress indicates that the distal goal will not be met. (2) Goal Attainment,
    which is carried out through experiential learning, experimentation, and activities
    implemented during the coaching process.
  7. A systematic approach to coaching as outlined below: