About Us

Indigo Coaching System (ICS) is a coaching and consulting firm specializing in executive and
leadership coaching, personal and career coaching, DEIJ, and change management. The ICS
system is an integrative approach to personal and professional development.
ICS founder has built a reputation as one of the most results-driven coaches in the industry.
This is due to 16 years of experience coupled with evidence-based coaching strategies that
combine theory with practice. The coaching strategies employed have proven to help clients
heighten self-awareness, lead, and manage change, increase performance, and improve
organizational effectiveness.
ICS’s mission is to facilitate a dynamic, self-directed process that cultivates positive and
sustainable change in people and places. When clients are committed to the coaching
process, their change can be measured in personal and/or organizational transformation. ICS
coaching is conducted with the highest ethical standards in a safe space, allowing clients to
self-disclose in an honest and authentic manner.
Dedicated to the development, advancement, and success of clients. Success is dependent on
clients’ success. As such, your ICS coach is devoted to delivering only the most effective
coaching strategies that have been empirically validated. This means clients receive only the
best coaching techniques that have already been proven effective.

  • Senior and C-suite leaders who want to create and execute their vision to achieve
    competitive advantage in their respective industries.
  • Middle managers who are navigating change, wanting to build an effective team, and
    seeking better ways to manage.
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners desiring personal effectiveness, skill
    development, and or personal development.
  • Individuals dealing with a personal tragedy or loss or are just dissatisfied with life.
  • Individuals seeking a higher degree of success in a particular area of their lives.
    People like you, who are intelligent, incredible, and energetic. Whether you are
    seeking assistance overcoming obstacles, handling challenges, exploring
    opportunities, building self-confidence, desiring better relationships, pursuing goals,
    or wanting to expand your leadership repertoire.